Duplicate keys

There is no better way to be protected than to have extra keys to the things you own. Rather than waiting to lose your keys, you should get a new one made while you still have a spare. Once you postpone until an emergency, you will be strapped for time. This is then likely to require more time, as more services will be required. Preparedness is security, so always fight to be prepared for what the world is going to throw at you.  Todd's Locksmith Service can get you all the help you need, and deliver it straight to your location.  

Key Creation

 Lost your key?  No worries.  We will come to your location and create a new key for your auto.  We give up front pricing that includes everything including programming the key. 

Remote Programming

 The car must be present in order to program the remote replacement. Both the vehicle and the replacement will need to be in the same vicinity for the programming to work. We can come to your location.

Lockout Service

Keys locked in you car?  We don't want to see you stranded in the heat or cold.  Call us NOW and we will be there shortly to get you into your car.  We give you upfront pricing and will get you in as quickly as possible.

Online Purchased Keys or Remotes

 When people are searching for ways to replace lost or stolen car keys sometimes the price can be an important factor. But in security, a low cost has a higher chance of danger. When you turn to the internet for aftermarket electronic car keys, you can place yourself at a greater risk of getting a product you cannot use. Whether you are looking to replace a car key or remote, you should know about the hazards of aftermarket electronic car keys.   


 Issues with quality mostly come from off brand aftermarket electronic car keys. Generic devices that do not have the logos or exact look of your previous electronic key can use thin, brittle, or soft plastic. This makes the key significantly more delicate. 

Other than the physical reliance of the aftermarket electronic car keys, there is also the issue of the electronics. Poor connections or cheap components can significantly decrease the lifespan of aftermarket electronic car keys. Proximity requirements for effective use can become inconsistent or extremely strict. Buttons on the remote may stop working, decreasing the functionality of your device. The key could also simply stop working and leave you in an unanticipated car lockout.

Cutting and Programming

While we will most of the time cut and program these devices, we do not guarantee that they will work and require you pay for the service even if they do not work.  

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