Eviction Services

It’s the hope of every real estate investor that their tenants will responsibly pay their rent every month. Unfortunately, sometimes landlords must resort to evicting unpaying renters when they’ve failed to fulfill their end of the agreement. 

Order of Eviction

When a  Order for the Sheriff to evict an occupant has been issued, the landlord may then call us and make arrangements for the locksmith technician to arrive at the same time as the sheriff. We can open the home at this time.

Change of door hardware

 Once the Order of Eviction has been conduced and the home is open it’s vital that you immediately change out or rekey the locks on your property. If this step is ignored, the tenant can get back onto the property after being evicted.

Bank Foreclosures

 Renters aren’t the only ones who get evicted from time to time. If you are a mortgage lender that deals with foreclosures, it’s a good idea to have a professional locksmith company like Todd's Locksmith Services on your team. We offer high quality service at very affordable prices. Evictions can be emotional, but foreclosures can be exceptionally so. Often times, people become very attached to their home, and if the family has been escorted off the property, there is a chance that a disgruntled person may try to reenter the property and attempt to vandalize the house out of anger.  

Subletting and Roommates

 Do you have a vacation property that you rent out when not in use? Is there an extra room that you list? Do you help offset the cost of your mortgage by living with roommates? If so, then it might be a great idea to rekey your locks frequently. It’s a good practice to switch locks anytime someone has had a copy of your keys and you don’t want them to have access to your property anymore. Thankfully, Todd's Locksmith services provides lock change and rekeying services that are both fast and affordable.